Kansas Sunflower Chapter
Pilots for Christ International

Our Lord's Air Force

"Providing urgent air transportation free of charge to those in need."

Pilots for Christ International, is a non-denominational group of pilots and non-pilot aviation enthusiasts who promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing urgent air transportation - free of charge - to those in need.  We are an all-volunteer organization comprised of individuals from all walks of Christian faith who seek to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by demonstrating His care for the transportation-needy through our love and gift of aviation.  We leave our religious differences in the hands of our Heavenly Father, asking Him to guide us with wisdom, strength, and truth.

The Kansas Sunflower Chapter, Pilots for Christ International, was chartered and commissioned in October, 2014.







Anyone in need of urgent air transportation.  We have limited aircraft that can carry non-ambulatory individuals.  We can transport patients with medical treatment needs to distant locations, terminally-ills patients, pastors, priests, missionaries, and almost anyone in need of urgent transportation.  We are not authorized as an air ambulance nor can we provide medical treatment in flight.
We confirm and review all valid, urgent travel needs and prioritize according to: medical, terminal illness, pastors & missionaries within their scope of duties, bereavement, abuse/addiction treatment, veterans services, and reconciliations.  Above all, our highest priority in accomplishing our missions, is to share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone we serve.
What Types of Missions Do We Conduct?
What Kind of Aircraft Do We Use?What Kind of Aircraft Do We Use?
Generally, we use small, single engine, 4-6 seat aircraft usually owned by members of the chapter.  In some cases, larger, faster aircraft are used, if available.  We have independent affiliated chapters who own aircraft as a chapter.  All volunteer aircraft and pilots meet and abide by the requirement outlined in the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) governing charitable flying mission operations.
As a chapter member, you can receive a mission by viewing all mission requests posted from across the nation on our online mission scheduler, Shiftboard.   If a mission opportunity is within your ability and distance, you may volunteer and confirm the mission online, then inform the chapter's flight coordinator with all mission, contact information, and details.
How Do We Receive Missions?
Monthly meetings where we enjoy good fellowship over food;  have a biblical devotion, and discuss chapter business and upcoming missions;
Participation in the annual National Day of Prayer, PrayerFlight, held the 1st Thursday in May each year;
Attend airport fly-ins where we distribute Bibles, tracts, and witness about the Lord;
Involve ourselves in community service opportunities;
Volunteer at the PCI booths at the Sun-N-Fun Fly-In & EAA Air Venture, Oshkosh;
Attend the annual PCI convention bringing members of many PCI chapters together for spiritual blessing and companionship.

What Other Activities Do We Get Involved In?What Other Activities Do We Get Involved In?What Other Activities Do We Get Involved In?

You're invited to join us at our monthly meeting:

When:  Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Where:  Fred & Doris Hetrick's Home - 4644 SE Paulen Rd., Berryton, KS  66409

Time: 6:30 pm

Reason:  Monthly Meeting 

Hope to see you there!!!